Calgary Division

AHS Parking Pass Program

Our parking pass program is currently administered by Glen Haner with the assistance of Ron Harvey.  This program has been an on-going initiative that has benefited our membership for a number of years and has allowed us to provide our members with the use of a parking pass, at no cost, that have been used at any hospital in the Calgary region. 

Glen Haner:

South Calgary Contact
85 Everhollow Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 0H4


Ron Harvey:

North Calgary Contact
328 Norseman Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2K 5M5


We would like to continue the Parking Pass Program as we feel it provides a wonderful service for our membership. This program exists on the generous donations of our Calgary Division Members as we are not allowed to pay for them from general revenues. The CRA does not currently allow “Not For Profit Organizations” to provide receipts for tax purposes.

Donations may be made by sending a cheque or money order to:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Veterans’ Association Calgary Division
42, 10 Tuscany Valley View NW, Calgary, AB T3L 2J6

Or by an interact payment to: